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Viral YouTuber Airrack Takes Revenge On Marvel For Rejecting Him A Role In Spiderman No Way Home

Airrack is one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet. His videos never fail to amaze the fans. Be it trying to escape America’s most difficult maze or hiring 100 paparazzi to convince everyone that he is a celebrity, Airrack has done it all.

In his latest YouTube video, Airrack revealed that he actually made it to the final round of casting for the latest Spiderman movie. However, he was rejected by Marvel in the final round.

Airrack Gets Rejected

The Marvel producer broke the news to Airrack saying ‘I want to let you know that with No Way Home, we did decide to go in a different direction’.

This is when the viral YouTube sensation decided to take his revenge on Marvel and prove to them that he is the only option for Spideman role. The YouTuber pledged to climb a skyscraper in Downtown, LA ‘for the sake of revenge’.

Airrack worked with a scientist named Malcom in the video who developed all the technology necessary for him to climb the downtown building.

No Way Home was a huge hit, grossing $1.5 billion worldwide in early January 2022. However, for Airrack it is just him who deserved to be in the final movie.

‘I Don’t See Tom Holland Out Here’

Malcom showed Airrack and his crew the ‘Grabo’, a tool that he designed for walking up walls, LITERALLY!

Airrack used the Grabo to climb up the Downtown building and a crowd gathered immediately watching the crazy YouTuber take his revenge on Marvel.

“Marvel, I don’t see Tom Holland out here”, Airrack joked while he reached the top of the building.

A local news and media house KLTA 5 even covered the story of a ‘man climbing downtown building’ 12 days ago but the world did not know that it was YouTuber Airrack who pulled of this stunt until the latest video on his YouTube channel. Talk about one crazy content creator!

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