Viral YouTuber Airrack Deletes His YouTube Channel – WHY?

As we were approaching a calm ending of 2021 (not really), Viral YouTuber Airrack decided to cause a stir on the internet by deleting his official YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers. And guess what? He said that it is an ‘irreversible deletion’.

Airrack is one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet. He recently hit 2 Million subscribers on the platform and promised his fans that the 3 million mark would be achieved faster than ever. However, it seems that the dream of Airrack might not be as easy to accomplish now.

Two Possible Reasons

Airrack deleted his YouTube channel and the reason is not completely clear. There are two possible reasons why the YouTuber made the move:

In his recent video, Airrack snuck into a music fest as a fake DJ. To do this, he faked the appearance of an EMT which was called out my Keemstar on DramaAlert. After the DramaAlert video came out, Airrack proceeded to delete his YouTube channel.

Keemstar took to Twitter and shared a tweet informing his fans that Airrack has deleted his YouTube channel. He wasn’t sure if the move had anything to do with the DramaAlert episode.

What Did Airrack Say?

While the aforementioned could be a possible reason, Airrack has informed that he deleted his channel to focus on the upcoming pingpong competition on November 13 that has $120,000 on the line.

Some of the biggest names of the content creation industry are going to be taking part in the Pingpong competition that Airrack is hosting. Stars like Bryce Hall, ZHC, and more are few of them.

Airrack said that he is ‘busy preparing and training’ for the World’s biggest pingpong comppetition hence why he deleted his YouTube channel.

While it may sound bizarre, there is no confirmation whether Airrack is going to return to YouTube after the pingpong tournament or not.

Do you think that Airrack will be back on YouTube? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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