Viral ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Video’s NFT Money To Be Used To Pay University Fees Of The Boys News

Viral ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Video’s NFT Money To Be Used To Pay University Fees Of The Boys

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Time icon June 3, 2021

Having no thing like TikTok back in 2007, Howard Davies-Carr’s best way to send a clip of his sons to their grandmother was to post it on YouTube for the world to watch.

Fourteen years and with 885 million views, the baby clip of Charlie biting his brother Harry’s finger is still one of the most watched videos online. It was formerly the most viewed video in the world.

Along with fame, the video brought wealth – recently sold as an NFT, for £ 500,000.

What Do Charlie And Harry Say?

The boys now say they will use the money to go to university and pay the costs associated.

Harry, now 17, tells Radio 1 Newsbeat he wants to study “some kind of engineering” at University College London or Imperial College London.

Charlie, now 15, is still not sure what he wants to study. But he says the money made by the video will also pay for his younger brothers, Jasper and Rupert, if they want to go.

“I don’t even remember doing it to make money with it, and having experience with it, it’s really good,” Charlie said.

“We’ve been to America twice since then, I’ve been around Sky’s studios, and we’ve met a lot of cool people. It’s just an extra part of our very interesting lives.”

The Famous NFT Sale

NFT is like a certificate to say you own something digital. It means that the first types of viral videos, memes or tweets can be purchased as art.

It’s a lucrative business model that has come into existence for those with viral content – including the Davies-Carr family.

The auction last month was a fierce bidding battle between two unknown accounts, with “3fmusic” finally issuing a win over “mememaster” for $ 760,999 (£ 538,000).

“It was really exciting to see the numbers go up, and everyone’s reaction to that,” Harry said.

“We were on the phone at Clubhouse with anyone else who wanted to listen, so we were always there during the time of the NFT sale.”

The boys’ father, Howard, says they have offered to remove the video from YouTube as part of an NFT auction, making it the most coveted collector’s item for bidders.

But the buyer is “very happy” for them to original the first piece up.

‘Not Letting Fame Reach Their Head’

Howard says the family, who live in Buckinghamshire, have now made an estimated £ 1,000,000 in the video over the years – but are guaranteed to keep the boys “very humble” in the way they live their lives.

“The biggest change in our lives is that instead of having two or three children, we have four children – and we saw money as a way we could not afford it,” he adds.

He says he always encourages Harry and Charlie not to let fame reach their heads.

“When they grow up, I want them to be more than just a part of a viral video,” he said.

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