Vinnie Hacker Reveals He’s Unaware If He’s Been Paid By Austin McBroom’s Social Gloves Entertainment News

Vinnie Hacker Reveals He’s Unaware If He’s Been Paid By Austin McBroom’s Social Gloves Entertainment

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Time icon July 16, 2021

Vinnie Hacker has also commented on whether he has received his payment for his appearance at the Youtubers vs TikTokers boxing event. He was questioned by a reporter recently to which his response was he does not know.

Vinnie is known for his TikToks where he has garnered over 10 million followers and 489K likes. He has recently branched into streaming on Twitch. The influencer along with other fellow TikTokers had a face-off with Youtubers in a boxing event on June 12th. It was hosted by Social Gloves Entertainment and it was later revealed that Austin McBroom, who was the title card of the boxing event was the owner of Social Gloves.

Two weeks after the event, both Josh Richards and Vinnie came forward; and claimed that they had not been paid for their appearance. They also claimed that many other influencers that performed that night were not paid. After a while, Social Gloves came out with a statement after rumours of them going bankrupt started circulating.

They made a statement on the rumours as well as the above accusations of the people who participated not being paid. The company assured the people will be paid but after their statement; two lawsuits surfaced which were allegedly against Austin’s main company, Ace Hat Collection. After the lawsuits were online, there were rumours of the Youtuber; and the ACE Family possibly facing an eviction began circulating.

There were also alleged rumours circulating Austin’s wife, Catherine Paiz McBroom. Many users on Twitter speculated about their wealth and the rumours being true. Bryce Hall had made a statement recently as he revealed that they are talking to Social Gloves “legally” regarding their payments.

At the event, Vinnie fought against British YouTuber Deji, who is the brother of KSI. Austin has continued to ignore all the allegations and has only addressed the issue once in his Instagram story.

Do you think all the allegations against Austin McBroom are true? Let us know in the comments below.

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