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Vince McMahon’s Ideal Son Is Described By A Former WWE Star

Vince McMahon’s ideal son, according to a former WWE superstars Shane and Stephanie McMahon. Who have both achieved success in the wrestling industry, are both McMahon’s children. The two were McMahon’s ideal children, but Maven, the first-place Tough Enough winner, isn’t so sure. Maven revealed who he thinks would have made the ideal son in McMahon’s eyes while appearing as a guest on Monte & The Pharaoh.

Maven said that Vince always desired a son who would be like Hunter. He always desired the big, ripped-up son who was a great wrestler. Although Shane was fearless and capable of anything, he would never be the wrestler Vince most likely desired. Stephanie had the enterprise; she lacked only the knowledge of what the enterprise ought to be. I’m not sure if either of them came close to fulfilling Vince’s wishes, but I doubt anyone could.

I believe that Vince’s idea of the ideal progeny is unattainable. That person simply doesn’t exist. It’s possibly John Cena’s body, with The Rock’s charisma mixed with Triple H’s in-ring work. Having said that, Maven asserted his opinion that Stephanie resembles McMahon more than Shane does. After McMahon left the company due to allegations of sexual assault and an investigation into hush money payments made to cover them up, Stephanie is now the chairwoman and co-CEO of WWE.

The VICE TV documentary

Shane was reportedly “quickly let go” from the company earlier this year, following rumours of problems backstage at the Royal Rumble event. A new date has been set for VICE TV’s upcoming Vince McMahon documentary. The VICE TV documentary on Vince McMahon for which Dave Meltzer and I were interviewed airs December 13th at 9 PM ET, Alvarez said on Twitter. The documentary, labelled The Nine Lives of Vince McMahon, was supposed to debut on October 18. The date was altered at the last minute due to WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite premiering on the same night.

Other wrestling projects that have aired on VICE TV in recent years include Tales Of The Territories created by Dwayne & Dark Side Of The Ring. The latter has been running for three seasons and focuses on the most tragic events in wrestling history. In its season 3, an episode was included that centred on the 1994 steroid trial, which has seen Vince McMahon accused on cases related to anabolic steroids. McMahon was found not guilty of all charges.

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