Viewers choose BLACKPINK’s uniforms as the most legendary outfit on ‘Knowing Bros’

BLACKPINK has a way of making everything they touch iconic, be it a song, music video, or even a TV show episode. All four members of the group, Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie, are often referred to as MODELS by fans and antis alike, such is their influence in the fashion world. From Dior, Chanel, to Celine, and YSL, BLACKPINK members are today the face of some of biggest brands in the fashion industry. So we are not really that surprised to learn how people saw their style on Knowing Bros as iconic and legendary.

For those who don’t know, “Knowing Bros” is a weekly show in which comedians dressed as high school students welcome celebrity “transfer students” and compete in various parts with smart humor.

Because the show’s theme is high school, these celebrities appear in high school uniforms. Countless celebs have appeared on the show while dressed in gorgeous high school uniforms. However, netizens voted BLACKPINK’s uniforms as the finest on the programme so far.

Below are some of the comments from viewers:

“This is my opinion, but they were all dressed so well during ‘Knowing Bros.’ Each outfit fit them so well,” “They set the trend,” “Yeah, the outfits looked so luxurious,” “I thought Jennie’s headband was so cute,” “I totally agreed,” “I think their uniform before this one was cuter,” “I think these outfits were really pretty,” “‘Their uniforms look like it’s from a luxury brand,” “I really liked Lisa’s outfit for this episode,” “I agree with the OP, BLACKPINK’s outfits were the best yet,” “Rose was so gorgeous here too,” and “I think BLACKPINK’s stylist is so good at dressing the girls.”

BLACKPINK’s Korean TV show episodes are always iconic and draw significant engagement. Some of their clips from these episodes have millions of views on youtube, most notably LISA’s crab dance video which has accumulated more than 100 MILLION views.

Fans are excited to see BLACKPINK on variety show once again as their much-awaited comeback draws closer.

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