Video of Virat Kohli Match-Winning 82 Runs in 51 Balls vs Australia : T20 WC 2016

India vs Australia, Super 10 Group 2, March 27 2016, Mohali

Match Result : India won by 6 wickets

Player of the Match : Virat Kohli

Expert Comments:

Joseph: “Australia’s complete lack of quality spinners has finally come home to roost in this game. They should have had this utterly in the bag, but this dreadful bowling at the death has cost them.” And Kohli.

Nikhil: “Kohli makes every run chase look like the best run chase of his career. It’s surreal. What a cricketer! The temperatent reminds me of Dravid in Tests. Absolutely determined. “

Shashank: “Let’s just say this, he is the best around in the world and when chasing I wonder if there is anyone on other planets that can come any close to this man. Oh Kohli! Oh Kohli !”

Steve Smith | Australia captain: “That was a pretty serious innings there, under pressure. He hit it right out of the middle and he’s done it for a long time. Virat played an unbelievable knock … I think 160 was around par, it just took an unbelievable innings to get India over the line.”

MS Dhoni | India captain : “It was a tough score, they got 60 runs in the first six overs … the middle overs were tough, it was difficult to hit the ball from back of a length, especially against the spinners … we felt if we run well in the middle overs we had a chance …

It’s not the first time I’ve enjoyed it, he’s been playing brilliantly or the last few years, he has kept improving his game, he is very hungry to score runs for the team. the others have to step up now, can’t keep relying on him, the others are contributing but we need to step up …

Running is a key aspect in modern cricket, if you can take singles against the best fielders, or make a single into the double, the lesser fielders get under pressure ... more than endurance you need explosive power, because there is ample time for rest.”

Virat Kohli | Man of the match: “I would like to thank the crowd, it was unbelieveable, the support helps you push through those tough times. You need challenges in every game, they improve you as a cricketers. I don’t know what to say, I am overwhelmed by …

Yuvi had a good partnership and then MS kept me calm … We have always run well, we have an understanding, that’s why you train in the gym, you have those fitness regimes, that paid off today. This innings has to be in my top three, perhaps the top right now because I’m a bit emotional.”

Crowd is still chanting Virat’s name in the stands, I can hear fireworks go off outside my window. India are in the semi-finals and will play West Indies, the only team from the subcontinent to make it to the final four. And it is all thanks to Kohli. Did Smith make a mistake giving Kohli the chase? He is a surreal performer when faced with a target. And with this yet another stellar performance, Kohli proved why he deserves the nickname “Chase Master”.


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