Video of Two One-Hand Sixes by Rishabh Pant : India vs Pakistan : T20 WC 2021 Sports

Video of Two One-Hand Sixes by Rishabh Pant : India vs Pakistan : T20 WC 2021

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Time icon October 24, 2021   | Last Updated: May 17, 2024 at 5:38 AM

India vs Pakistan, 16th Match, Group 2 (N), Dubai (DSC), Oct 24 2021

Rishabh Pant One-Handed Sixes: Pant hit two of those off Hasan Ali back to back in the 12th over. Now with most of these seemingly one-handed sixes, the bottom hand comes off only after the batter has made the connection. It is often a result of swinging so hard the bat swings out of the bottom hand’s grip.

But with both these sixes, Pant lost the bottom hand even more making connection: one flew over square leg and one over long-off. The momentum in the bat swing was created by both the hands, but at the point of connection, Pant had only one hand on the bat, and that is incredible.

Hardik Pandya: “I don’t like to get too hyped by the situation, and my family make sure of that too. I stay away from social media because you do get excited and get the vibes. It’s simple, and we leave emotions out of the way, and keep things professional.

We make sure we tick the right boxes, and do the processes right. The back is fine, it was jittery, but I won’t be bowling for now. I want to be able to bowl eventually, closer to the knockouts. The professionals and I both have to take the call about when I can have a bowl.”

Rohit Sharma: “We wanted to get out on the park and play a game of cricket. It can get frustrating at times as our last game was washed out due to rain. We had an intent of playing solid cricket and we did that today. I was unhappy with the way I played that shot. He just pushed mid-on back and got fine-leg up; that was a little misjudgement from my side.

When you’re set you want to get as many runs as possible, so it was a disappointment when I got out. I wasn’t thinking about the double hundred, trust me. It was a good pitch and I wanted to continue batting as long as possible.

We wanted to kill the game there with our partnership, but unfortunately I got out at the wrong time. I think Rahul played really well, he took time and that was required at that point.

Can’t go out there and play shots right away. He took his time, saw the new ball off but unfortunately even he got out at the wrong time. The opening spell was always going to be threatening and we wanted to play out the new ball; we got a good start and we built on from there.”

Virat Kohli:  “It allowed me to play a certain kind of role and it allowed Hardik to come and explode in the end. It has worked till now, gives us a lot of solidity in the middle and it is a role that I am happy playing for the team. It is going really nicely at the moment.

Kuldeep was brilliant, those guys were only trying to play him out. A longer spell helped in that situation and he was getting into rhythm. They were thinking that he would go out of the attack sooner rather than later.”

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