Video of Sadaf Kanwal Resemblance Goes Viral

Video of Pakistani actress Sadaf Kanwal’s peer is going viral on the internet. A video of actress Sadaf Kanwal’s Resemblance is going viral on social media website Instagram. In the video, actress Sadaf Kanwal talks about the self-criticism she faced after her marriage and how she coped with the self-criticism.

Actress Sadaf Kanwal says in the video that she doesn’t care what anyone says, she has a good husband, father-in-law and a house, that’s enough, she wants people to talk more so that their sins are washed away.

The way actress Sadaf is talking, laughing and giving facial expressions in the video, her daughter-in-law Sadaf is doing the same. The same girl of Sadaf Kanwal uploaded her video on Instagram and wrote along with it that “a lot of people have told her that she looks like actress Sadaf Kanwal, so she made this video.”


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