Video of Mayank Agarwal 150 Runs : 4 Super Sixes 17 Fours : IND v NZ

Video of Mayank Agarwal 150 Runs : 4 Super Sixes 17 Fours : IND v NZ

India vs New Zealand, 2nd Test, Mumbai, Dec 3 – 7 2021, New Zealand tour of India

Toss : India won the toss and chose to bat first

Day 2 Report:  Ajaz Patel. Mayank Agarwal’s 150 has been overshadowed by Ajaz’s 10 wickets in the same innings. And rightly so. Ajaz deserves all the praise in the world. Logical cricket fans won’t even entertain the thought a bowler picking up all the wickets. But then, that is what cricket is all about. What happens on the field can’t be predicted even if one uses all the logical senses in the world. The Mumbai-born bowled 47.5 overs out of the 109.5 overs for NZ. He was visibly tired after picking bowling 40 overs but Axar Patel’s wicket gave him a boost. He was all enthusiastic again.

Axar Patel scored his maiden fifty. India put a competitive total of 325 on the board. But of course, whatever happens in the other 3 innings, won’t be as highlighted as this innings. Ajaz Patel has gone down in the history books and I don’t think we might be able to witness this moment ever again. Even if we do, this 10-wicket haul will always remain dear to all of the true cricket fans who support quality cricket over anything else.

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Kyle Jamieson: “It was tough five days up in Kanpur, nice to have a chance to rest and recover and get ready for today. We had two contrasting games (in the IPL, playing at Wankhede), we won by 10 wickets in one and one where it was so hot that we cooked ourselves and got rolled with the bat. Maybe a little bit more for the bowlers here but from what I have been told it does, it can break up and turn as well.

We’ve had a fair amount of cricket. From my point of view fortunate in a way to have that time off in the World Cup to take a step back and to work on a few things to build my body back over the course of 3 or 4 weeks. It’s tough work but looking forward to the challenge today. We came down for lunch yesterday, we played a little bit of cards, been a good chance to take a step back and refresh.

For us, it’s about trying to adapt and take our game based on what the situation gives us and see what happens. We knew we had two Tests, and we are coming over here to try and win the series, wasn’t about drawing the series or just trying to compete. It was about winning a game and winning the series. Certainly lucky to be in a position we are now coming into this Test and we’d be putting our best foot forward in the next five days.”

Ajaz Patel: “Obviously quite a special occasion for me; not only me, my wife, my mom and dad, my family. A very special day for me for sure. To be honest, it’s pretty surreal, I don’t think you ever believe you are going to achieve something like that. To be able to do that in my career is pretty special. By the grace of God, I am very fortunate, the stars have aligned for me, having an occasion like that here in Mumbai.

To be born here, then come back here and achieve something like that is pretty special. I am on very illustrious company with Kumble sir as well. Hasn’t been a great start for us with the bat, but we’ve still got a few boys in the shed, so hopefully we put our best foot forward and put a few runs on the board.

If we have to come back here, we have to get back here. It’s part of our job, we enjoy the challenges. (Most special wicket?) Don’t really have any one in particular, it’s just about finding good rhythm and just being repetitive and asking good questions of the batters.”

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