Video Of Blackpink Jisoo’s K-Drama Debut With Release Date & Teaser Poster

Jisoo’s K-drama debut seems very close now as it was first announced last year. The Blackpink member is branching out as she has been roped in for her very first major acting project.

The idol is playing the lead role for JTBC’s newest K-drama, Snowdrop but that was all the information Blinks got. There were also few headshots that were released after YG Entertainment made the announcement of Jisoo becoming an idol actor.

She has previously had few cameos and guest appearances in the past. However, as for this gig, this will mark Jisoo’s first major acting debut. But this was almost halted when Korean citizens demanded the show get cancelled because a part of the plot was leaked. They claimed that the main lead Jung Hae-in is playing a North Korean spy that has come into South Korea to sabotage the democratic revolution of the ’80s.

On top of this, Jisoo’s character name was Young-Cho which is similar to the real figure Chun Young-Cho that participated in student protests. Ever since then, JTBC has changed the name of the idol’s character to Young-ro. They have also revealed a few trailers and teasers to ensure the audience that the drama is not to disrespect the country’s history for the sake of a romantic or a melodramatic show.

JTBC recently released a poster of the main lead Hae-in and Jisoo ballroom dancing in an auditorium. They were both dressed in vintage costumes and the broadcast date was set for December. But fans can specify the date because of a 10-second trailer that JTBC revealed. The channel will initially air Lost and Inspector Joo in the same time slot at 10.30 pm KST.

Fans Speculate The Show Will Premiere On December 11

After these 16 and 12-episode dramas, fans have calculated that Snowdrop might be airing its first episode on December 11 at 10.30 pm KST (9.30 am ET). The show is set in 1987 and revolves around the uprising for democratic reforms that changed the governance of South Korea to the republic people know today.

The student protestor Su-ho played by Hae-in is found by Jisoo’s Young-ro in a bad state after the riot. She then hides him in her all-girls university and nurses him to death. However, they end up finding love and solace during their time of unrest.

Fans have been trending Jisoo’s name as they’re excited about the drama. They made tweets like, “So Young Ro falls in love at the first sight when she meets Suho at the party in the dormitory? Jisoo I can’t wait SNOWDROP IN DECEMBER,” “THEY FIRST TEASER POSTER FOR SNOWDROP WAS RELEASED!! YALL THE TEARS IN MY EYES WERE NOT DREAMING!!” and “Haein when jtbc finally started the official promotions so he can follow jisoo on ig.”


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