Venom 2’s Ending & Spider-Man Universe Future Setup Explained


Tom Hardy returned to his fan-favourite character Venom in Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The sequel’s ending is what changes the franchise and sets up a future for Eddie Brock in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The highly-anticipated sequel of 2018’s Venom came from director Andy Serkis. It is the second instalment by Sony with regards to their Spider-Man villain universe. There were multiple delays before the premiere of the movie. However, Venom 2 is finally out and gave us an ending that will leave fans speculating the next movie.

The sequel revolves around Cletus Kasady becoming Carnage which we saw in the post-credits scene of the first. Both Venom and Eddie had solved the riddle of where the victims are buried which led to Cletus seeing the serial killer biting him and gaining a part of the Venom symbiote.

This enabled the character to transform into Carnage and rescue Frances Barrison aka Shriek. The ending of the sequel builds to Venom facing off with Carnage at the wedding of Cletus and Frances. Venom manages to take down Carnage and Shriek at the end but the final scene shows Eddie and Venom enjoying life. The post-credits scene is what caught everybody’s attention.

Venom’s fear of red symbiote might be explored in the third instalment. The ending shows Mulligan’s story will not end there as his eyes are shining white. This is one way for Sony to set up Mulligan to be the next Marvel villain known as Toxin.

Venom 2’s Post Credits Scene Begins In The MCU

The toxin is another symbiote that is created by Carnage. Venom decided to save Toxin to make him his ally but then the latter bonds to Patrick Mulligan and begins its journey of growing power. The biggest surprise was when Venom 2’s ending confirmed that Venom is now in the MCU.

Sony had announced its plans for Venom and it was clear that it will not be connected to Marvel Studios’ movies. But this did not stop fans from asking Tom’s Venom to meet Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Both Sony and Marvel have renegotiated the Spider-Man deal and Venom 2’s post-credits scene will confirm that.

Venom will be joining the MCU as the scene begins with Eddie and Venom watching TV in their hotel room. They were talking about the knowledge that Venom has because of the symbiote hivemind. However, when Venom was about to show Eddie a glimpse of what he knows, everything shifts and a bright light fades from the sky.

Eddie finds himself in a better hotel room and in the MCU timeline. This theory is confirmed when J. Jonah Jameson’s exclusive from Spider-Man: Far From Home’s clip where Peter Parker is revealed to be Spider-Man. Venom sees Spider-Man and presumably for the first time as he sets up their meeting in a future film.

However, if we look at MCU’s multiversal timeline, Eddie’s surroundings might have changed because of the result of multiverse madness. This would probably mean everything that happens before in Venom, is happening in a separate timeline. That means the events that transpired in the Sacred Timeline implies that the Venom franchise and Sony’s Spider-Man Universe exist within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This can also add up to the multiple theories of the many heroes that will appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It is possible that Venom will appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The Marvel movie is already confirmed to have a multiverse plot and Spider-Man villains from different universes.


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