Veer Remembers Meeting The Undertaker Prior To WWE RAW Debut

Veer Remembers Meeting The Undertaker Prior To WWE RAW Debut

Veer recently discussed how it felt to eventually make his WWE RAW debut after months of expectations. He said it was worth waiting, and he described how well the energy from the fan base felt. It feels fantastic, he said. It does not feel like I am the only one who has joined RAW, but rather 1.4 billion Indians and fans from all over the world. I know we’ve been waiting for 5-6 months. But I believe the wait was worthwhile. For me, it was well worth it. It was well worth it for all of the fans all over the world.

That energy is visible. I started to feel the energy shift from them to me as soon as I made my entrance, and I was capable of giving them what they had been waiting for so a while. Veer had also been asked how it feels to become a WWE Megastar for whom Indian fans can root. He expressed gratitude to WWE for allowing him to represent his culture and tradition by wearing his dhoti as ring gear as well as the tripund 3 lines on his forehead.

I am appreciative to WWE for allowing me to express myself and represent the 1.4 billion people in India, as well as for letting me to depict my heritage and culture, he replied. That is enormous. I don’t believe there is another platform where you can express your culture and traditions. I am able to perform while wearing the ring gear that I grew up seeing my grandfather and father wear, Dhoti. I used to go to the temple as a kid and rub the tripund on my forehead. That is something I can use here as well. So I will be eternally grateful to WWE Universe for that.

When questioned about the most memorable scene of his brief WWE career, Veer recounted meeting 2022 WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker.

He mentioned meeting The Dead Man before his RAW debut

I ran into Undertaker before my debut, he remembered. At the Performance Center, I had several call sessions with Undertaker. But it was awesome to see Undertaker backstage as I prepared for my debut. He asks, “Dude, are you prepared for this?” Yeah of course, sir, I replied. Now that you’ve arrived, I’m ready to go.’ That was among the most memorable moments of my life.

Veer made his debut on RAW after WrestleMania 38, attacking The Mysterios and defeating Dominik Mysterio the very next week. On the April 18 RAW, he crushed enhancement talent Jeff Brooks, and last week, he dominated enhancement talent Sam Smothers.

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