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Varun Dhawan reveals about his relative being tested positive with coronavirus

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan went live on Isntagram with Zoa Morani today, who has been tested positive with coronavirus!

It was a few days back when the producer Karim Morani and his daughter Shaza and Zoa were tested positive with coronavirus. While there are now reports that Karim and Shaza have been tested negative now, Zoa is still infected with the virus. Her friend and popular actor Varun Dhawan decided to go live with her on Instagram.

During the live session, the actor revealed that one of his relatives living in the US have contracted the virus. He said, “It’s very close to home right now. Until it happens to someone you know, you don’t take it seriously and understand the gravity of it.”


Varun also requested people to realize the need of staying indoors. He stressed on the fact that we need to be safe and break the chain of this virus.

Zoa too talked about how it all started with a mild fever and how she is feeling now.  The first two days she just had fever and weakness, but on the third day, she got a cough. Eventually she experience breathlessness and headache, which was when she went for the test.

Talking about the virus, it has claimed nearly 250 lives in India with more than 6,000 people infected.

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