Valorant Devs Quash Protocol 781-A Skin Concerns After ‘Troubling’ Clip Surfaces

Valorant Devs Quash Protocol 781-A Skin Concerns After ‘Troubling’ Clip Surfaces

Although Valorant’s new Protocol 781-A weapon skin line is one of the most flashy ever, a possibly game-changing feature has raised some eyebrows, prompting Riot Games to initiate an inquiry.

Players are itching at the bit to get their hands on all of the latest content now that Valorant Episode 4 is in focus. Naturally, a new Agent is at the top of the list, but a high-end skin line is also stealing the show.

Valorant has never seen anything like the new Protocol 781-A skins. These Ultra-tier designs do more than just spruce up your home. Instead, they introduce a new artificial intelligence, complete with personalised voice lines and personality features.

Aside from this innovation, another eye-catching feature appears to have made the cut. Early footage purported to show a knockback effect that causes enemy corpses to relocate.

A teaser film of the new skin line demonstrated how enemy corpses don’t just fall to the ground after wiping out adjacent targets. Instead, three kills resulted in three bodies tumbling heavily forward.

This might have damaged gameplay in a variety of ways, prompting hundreds of players to express their dissatisfaction. Preeti Khanolkar, Riot’s Premium Content Producer, quickly responded to the rising alarm.

“This isn’t happening in-game,” they stressed, despite demonstrating the impact in their preview film. The strange knockback, it turns out, has “nothing to do with the [Protocol 781-A] skins at all.”

The developer noted, “This knockback is due to the spot where we recorded the videos.” Because of an unpleasant interaction while “[shooting] the enemy from behind],” that piece of Icebox is to blame.

Riot found that the new skin line is not at blame after testing with “several skins” and even “default guns”. If you shoot a target anyplace else on the map, it will fall where it is supposed to. As Episode 4 approaches, the Protocol 781-A skin line is going to be a popular choice. But before you make your decision, take a look at what’s included in the current Battle Pass.

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