Valkyrie & Korg May Get A Disney+ Show In The Future, Hints Taika Waititi

Thor: Love & Thunder is just around the corner for its release and Taika Waititi made some revelations about what he would like to see after Thor 4.

Out of all Avengers, only Thor is lucky to receive a solo film even after his trilogy. Through his journey, we got to see many characters introduced who now are an important part of Thor’s life.

As Phase 4 is all about focusing on the supporting characters which were introduced during previous phases and exploring their stories, it’s a possibility that we can get a spinoff of two of the favorite characters from Thor movies.

Taika Waititi revealed that he wants to make a solo series on Disney+ of the characters from Thor Films. Those characters are none other than “Valkyrie” who is played by Tessa Thompson & “And Korg” played by Taika Waititi himself.

Taika Waititi was in a chat with Fandom in which he said, ” I would love to see a Valkyrie Spin-off. A Korg Spinoff would also be good.”

Valkyrie & Korg both were introduced to the MCU universe in the film Thor Ragnarok. Valkyrie is a warrior of Asgard & now also a good friend of Thor & the King of Asgard in Thor: Love & Thunder. She was the leader of the other Valkyries. As Valkyries were sent by Odin to make sure Hela doesn’t escape the Hel it led to a war between Valkyrie & Hela where all the Valkyries died except Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie.

Then later on because of her defeat Valkyrie use to live at Sakar she was a bounty hunter of Scrapper 142 and finds Thor over there.

Korg is voiced by Taika Waititi, he is a Kronan warrior. Once when he was just hanging out on the alien planet Sakar, he was forcefully taken to the Grandmaster’s contest of champions to participate. Later he also becomes a good friend of Thor and helps Thor & Bruce to escape Sakar. Later on, we see Korg in Endgame as well in the new Asgard and by the end of the film, they all proceed with the Guardians of The Galaxy in a spaceship.

As Marvel is introducing new projects, in the future there is a possibility of seeing these characters having their own series.

Thor: Love & Thunder will feature both Valkyrie & Korg. The film will release on 8th July in your nearest theatres.

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