Valkyrae Talks About The Most Bizarre Fan Gift She Has Ever Received News

Valkyrae Talks About The Most Bizarre Fan Gift She Has Ever Received

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Time icon September 27, 2021

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is one of the most popular female streamers on the planet. She has over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube and is a fan favorite.

Recently, in one of her streams, Valkyrae got candid about the most bizarre fan gift she has ever received in her life.

Custom Made Boxes

Presently she doesn’t have a PO box set up to receive presents but during her time in Texas, getting gifts from fans was a normal thing for her. Valkyrae said that he has received all sorts of presents ranging from “four pounds of Australian candy” or other “weird stuff.”

Recently, another streamer Asmongold also got an emotional message in his fan mail which left him teary eyed.

But what was the bizarre gift that Valkyrae received? It was custom made boxes! And what was inside these boxes? Let’s find out.

Valkyrae reveals that this particular fan used to work at a box manufacturing place and decided to ‘prank’ her with custom made boxes that fit inside one another.

What Was The Actual Gift?

So once the streamer open the first box, there was another box fitted inside it. This way, Valkyrae reveals that she opened up ‘15 boxes’ to reach to the actual gift.

And guess what? There was a receipt for a dildo there!

As Valkyrae was about to jump to the conclusion that there ought to be a dildo in the final box, there was a “ tiny little letter and a flower. It was so a troll,” Valkyrae recalls.

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