Valkyrae Promises To Release Her Own Music Single In 2022

Valkyrae appeared in a cameo role in music videos of fellow content creators Corpse Husband, MGK, and Bella Poarch in 2021. But this year is going to be different! How so?

Valkyrae has decided to release her own song in 2022. Being one of the most successful female streamers on the planet, her fans must be delighted to hear this news. Valkyrae used to stream on Twitch earlier, before moving on to competitor YouTube gaming under an exclusive deal. She is also the owner of the famous e-Sports organization 100 Thieves.

‘I Am Going To Release My Own Single’

In the first stream of 2022, the streamer revealed the big plans which she had for the year.

“This year, I’m going to release my own single,” Valkyrae promised to her fans in her first 2022 stream. “That’s pretty much the first thing I’ve started for the year.”

“Yeah things have got started there,” she said. “I’ve been talking to Brodin [Plett, OfflineTV’s in-house producer] and Wendy [streamer Natsumiii] about making a song, and so we’re in the process of doing that now.”

“They were both super down,” she explained. “So we’re starting to work on that. It’ll be for funsies to begin with, I don’t want to make it into anything too serious.”

Can Valkyrae Sing?

However, the streamer has always maintained the stance that she is not a good singer in the past. This naturally intrigued the fans to question Valkyrae whether she will actually sing or the tracks are going to be highly produced in post?

What happens remains to be seen but as Valkyrae clarified, she is not trying to go professional as a singer but wants to try it out just for the fun of it.

The streamer recently shared the story of her horrible Uber driver experience during New Year’s eve.

What do you think is the future for Valkyrae in music? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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