Users Mock Doja Cat For Vaping Before Accepting Award At BBMAs 2022

Users Mock Doja Cat For Vaping Before Accepting Award At BBMAs 2022

Doja Cat has won two awards at the Billboard Music Awards 2022. She received these awards for her album, Planet Her. The singer won awards in the category of Top Rhythm and Blues Album.

But, unfortunately for her, fans are not talking as much about the award as they are talking about what she did before she went to receive her awards. She was giggling a little before her name was called by presenters, Dove Cameron and Dixie D’Amelio.

As people stood up for her, she felt like she had to calm her nerves. This means she bent down quickly and took short sips of her drink. She also took a puff at her vape and threw it on the ground.

Fans were quick to catch that and people watching the show took to social media. They shared their views on this weird scene and a few of them found it hilarious. However, other people made a joke out of it. Many netizens noted that this wasn’t the debut of Doja throwing a vape before getting up on stage. People joked that the vape suffers from violence.

A fan suggested how somebody should make a collection of videos of all the times she has flung her vape. Even before receiving a Grammy award for Kiss Me More, she did something very similar.

But despite the jokes, people criticized her for always having her vape with her. Some even said she has an addiction but a user made a good point. They said that it might be helping her with anxiety.

Doja has previously opened up about her past and how she had addiction issues. She also had terrible eating habits before being successful. The singer told her fans once how she had to live with no money.

The Woman singer had also previously told Rolling Stone about her addiction to cigarettes. But she gave that up to smoke acid but stopped after a bad experience. She said, “Acid was a wonderful experience for me, but I felt I didn’t need it after a while. My last trip was a bad trip, but it made me quit a lot of my habits.”

Doja appeared at this year’s BBMA in a unique dress. She donned a black Schiaparelli gown with an open front. Her chest was wrapped with a sheer beige wrap and golden pasties.

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