US Senate Candidate Reveals He Made Six Figures Profit With Shiba Inu Memecoin

The cryptocurrency hype is real. Making money from cryptocurrencies can be simple if you have the patience, belief, and the ability of choose the right projects. Recently, United States senate candidate for 2022 Shannon Bray revealed that he is up six figures on Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu is the darling cryptocurrency of the market at the moment. It’s community, known as the ShibArmy is one of the most loyal and strong communities on Twitter. ShibArmy was recently enraged after Safemoon led a Twitter poll for the strongest crypto community.

‘I Hodl Shib’

However, it doesn’t falsify the fact that many people have gotten rich by investing in the Shib token and one amongst them is the US Senate candidate Shannon Bray. He is a straight-forward and outspoken person who has said “F@(k politics. I only care about people”

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Shannon appreciated the Shib community in a brief tweet.

He wrote: “I hodl #shib because I believe in @ShytoshiKusama. Even though I work for another token, my largest holding is with $shib. Just because I tweet about other tokens, it does not take away my focus on Shib and the #ShibaArmy”.

‘6 Figures On Shib’

In the comments section when he was asked about another cryptocurrency by the name of Saitama, he said “I’m still holding Saitama. I will not sell it but I’m only holding around $3k. I’ve made a little on it but I’m up 6 figures on Shib.”

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