US Food Giant Shake Shack Promises Bitcoin Cashback For Limited Time, Here’s How To Avail

Famed burger chain Shake Shack has just dropped a new promotional initiative, wherein customers may receive bitcoin rewards for purchases made using Block’s (SQ) Cash App, according to The Wall Street Journal.

How To Grab This Opportunity

Customers can avail upto 15% on their purchases in bitcoin (BTC) form, this offer is up for grabs at any Shake Shack purchase made with a Cash Card, which is a debit card available to Cash App users. Purchasing items via Cash Boost gives you the same benefits, i.e., the rewards program available to Cash Card members.

Main Motivations Behind The Promotion

Per the report, the effort is in a bid to see if the food chain can appeal to a younger generation through cryptocurrency offerings. In addition to this, the move is also an attempt to gauge general customer demand for cryptocurrency options. So far, the NYC-based chain hasn’t seen demands to make purchases in cryptocurrencies, thus the experiment would likely give a realistic picture on whether it’s wise to start accepting cryptocurrency payments or extend their present rewards program at any point, declared the chief marketing officer of Shake Shack Inc., Jay Livingston. Speaking further on the matter was Livingston, who shared his wisdom on the gravity of this decision as follows:

You’re always trying to place your bets on those things that truly will be meaningful and not waste resources on the ones that won’t.

Jay Livingston

This promotional initiative will be available to all customers through mid-March. Shake Shack, the American giant that started as a wee hot dog cart inside Madison Square Park in 2001, has now posted total revenue of $739.9 million in 2021, up 41.5% versus the prior year, according to its latest financial results. The American fast-casual burger chain has over 240 U.S. locations and over 125 internationally as of today.

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