John Cena Is In No Hurry To Become A Father

Updates On John Cena’s New WWE Series On Peacock

WWE legend and 16 time WWE Word Champion John Cena is now a movie star. Even though he is no longer been seen on WWE shows, he has made it clear that he is not leaving WWE for Hollywood.

John Cena will be closely involved in an upcoming WWE series known as WWE Evil. While fans already received an update on this last year, Peacock’s new president, Kelly Campbell, commented on Cena’s involvement during her interview with Vulture. John Cena has been tangentially involved with WWE over the last few years. Having stepped away from the company to focus on his acting career, he has made several returns for one-off storylines with the company, the latest being against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

John Cena’s return to the WWE ring is not certain but he has been seen in between on WWE television. He’s always said that he is not cutting ties with the promotion anytime soon. In the interview, Campbell commented on WWE’s recent partnership with WWE and talked about how successful it had been. She spoke about the overall partnership while also focusing on the WWE Evil series.

“And we have an original series that I’m super-excited about featuring John Cena coming later this year called WWE Evil that I think will bring a fun new take on the space for this audience. WWE has been an incredibly successful partnership for Peacock since launch. We invested in an incredible fan base that provides us the opportunity to bring those fans back time and time again with the massive live events that are part of the WWE franchise. We have WrestleMania, in fact, returning on April 3. This is already one of our biggest live events of the year.” said Kelly Campbell.

John Cena’s New Series

WWE Evil is Peacock’s new series which was announced back in 2021. Cena will act as the show’s narrator and will also be the executive producer. The show will be about the biggest “bad men and women” in WWE history. Focusing on the top heels of the past few decades of the company’s history, the show promises to be exciting.

Cena himself revealed how excited he was to be a part of the show, commenting on Twitter after the announcement. Ironically, for the majority of his WWE run, Cena was the top babyface in the company. While he was a heel during his earlier run, his involvement in such a project has seemed hilarious to fans.


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