Update On Riddle’s WWE Comeback

Riddle is allegedly planning to compete again this weekend at two WWE live events. Riddle will face Seth Rollins in the “Saturday Night’s Main Event” show in North Charleston, South Carolina, and the “Sunday Stunner” event in Fayetteville, North Carolina, according to Dave Meltzer in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Even though the matches had previously been promoted locally, there was some doubt over Riddle’s participation because of the fictional injury he sustained on the “WWE Raw” show from July 25.

Rollins is the culprit?

Since Rollins’ brutal attack last month, The Original Bro has been put on hold, causing their SummerSlam battle to be rescheduled. Although WWE has not officially released the match’s schedule, it is commonly believed that it will occur on September 3 at the high-end live event Clash at the Castle. Riddle has been active on WWE TV while being sidelined due to an injury, and he called out Rollins at SummerSlam while sporting a taped-up neck and shoulder.

He would suffer the consequences of his audacity, as Rollins would hit him with yet another Stomp. On WWE Raw earlier this week, Rollins would make fun of Riddle for repeatedly straddling “the very narrow line between courageous and foolish.”

Where is the RKO-Bro? Future Plans for Rollins vs Riddle

Randy Orton was speaking with a reporter backstage when Riddle interrupted. Orton rejected the suggestion and walked out of the room. However, Orton and Riddle finally came up with the name RK-Bro after suggesting that the team be given a shot. Even Randy Orton couldn’t come to the rescue of Rollins. Orton has been sidelined for months since his injury.

The competition between Riddle and Rollins may go for several more months. The billed main event for the 10/8 “WWE Raw” at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, is Riddle vs. Rollins, according to local listings. The bout might, however, be a dark main event in which the two wrestlers have already gone on to new rivalries or opponents on the aired programme. The rivalry also has a component of genuine hostility, which Rollins hinted at in a tweet last month.

SummerSlam was a ruse for many fans

WWE fans have been anticipating Seth Rollins’ matchup with Riddle at SummerSlam for some weeks.However, it was revealed just before the concert that Riddle had sustained an injury and would not be fit to perform due to it. Curiously, it was revealed shortly after that Riddle wasn’t hurt in any way and that the entire incident was part of whatever narrative WWE was attempting to construct between the two guys.

According to reports

The newest Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that Riddle’s temporary absence from the ring while feigning an ailment will likely end this weekend because he is scheduled to appear at WWE live events. According to Dave Meltzer – ‘’this weekend’s home shows are set to feature Riddle vs. Rollins. We’ll have to wait and watch how the story develops with Riddle’s impending return since it appears like the narrative WWE is attempting to convey with Rollins is that he believes management is costing him huge matchups at WWE’s biggest shows.’’

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