Tony Khan

Update On AEW’s Streaming Negotiations With Warner Bros.

All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan has indeed been vocal about his desire to put AEW on a streaming platform, and the buying of Ring of Honor in March added fuel to the fire. With so much wrestling material at Khan’s fingertips, a streaming site landing spot comparable to WWE’s with Peacock will indeed tend to benefit AEW given the continued audience preference for streaming sites over cable and network television.

Considering WarnerMedia’s recent merger with Discovery, this potential may be highly probable than ever. Warner Bros. Discovery now owns both TNT and TBS, the networks that broadcast AEW, as well as the rights to HBO Max and Discovery Plus. Khan appeared on the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch and provided an update on AEW’s streaming plans.

There was a big potential for us to enlarge into streaming, especially with new firm that emerged following the merger with Warner Bros. Discovery being quite so strong in watching online and getting intriguing plans for the future, Khan said.

That’s something we’re proceeding to discuss with them, and I’m very fortunate to work for such a large corporation where we can hopefully explore that. We’ve assembled hundreds of hours of fantastic footage and have been able to produce so much fantastic content on a regular schedule, moreover to what’s on TNT and TBS each Wednesday and Friday. Khan now owns Ring of Honor in addition to AEW, which arises with a media library spanning decades of wrestling.

Ring of Honor

They have thousands of hours of experience and an incredible history, according to Khan. Many of wrestling’s top stars, such as AEW and our rivals, had also come thru Ring of Honor. But now we’ve restarted Ring of Honor, and the destiny of what I think can be weekly Ring of Honor content, in addition to the regular major events and the great weekly shows we could produce in the future.

So the worlds of wrestling and streaming are both very exciting, Khan added. Our contender has done significant work in this area, and there is undoubtedly a significant revenue stream for the firm, as well as a significant chance for wrestling fans who want this material. Every day, I hear people pleading for it. I’m not overstating at all. Every day, I receive notifications from fans requesting that exact streaming service, full with a catalogue of past and/or events in the future.

While AEW’s existence at last week’s Warner Bros. Discovery upfronts was extremely limited, Khan has stated that Warner Bros. Discovery executives will be going to attend next week’s AEW Dynamite in Los Angeles.


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.