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Upcoming Horror-Comedy Udham Patakh Releases Official Trailer

Udham Patakh is a widely anticipated upcoming Pakistani comedy movie coupled with horror elements that add excitement and thrill to the story.

The movie is directed by Abu Aleeha and the producer of the film is Javed Ahmed Kakepoto.


Udham Patakh features a host of talented Pakistani celebrities including Faizan Sheikh, Hira Umer, Syed Ali Rizvi, Shabana Hassan and Taha Humayun in the pivotal roles.

Udham Patakh has become the first movie that is set to be released once the cinema theatres open during Eid-Ul-Adha this year.

All the actors have evidently given their best and put together great deal of effort to provide the audience with a wonderful horror-comedy experience this Eid-ul-Adha.

Official Trailer

Finally, after a lot of wait the official trailer for the upcoming horror-comedy movie ‘Udham Patakh’ is now out. If you haven’t watched the trailer until now, you’re missing out on a big deal. Have a look:

As per the new official trailer, Udham Patakh looks very promising and it shall live up to the expectations of the public. It has already become the talk of the town and there is increasing gossip about the project on social media. They hype is real!

After the release of the Udham Patakh movie posters and now the official trailer, the Pakistani audience eagerly awaits the opening of the cinema halls so they can book their tickets to enjoy this horror-comedy masterpiece by Abu Aleeha.

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