Unheard Tapes Of Marilyn Monroe's Last Hours In Netflix Documentary

Unheard Tapes Of Marilyn Monroe’s Last Hours In Netflix Documentary

A case that never stops haunting us, is Marilyn Monroe. The personality’s body was found hours after arguing with her alleged beau. It was found on August 5, 1962, at her California home.

Reportedly, Monroe’s dead body was surrounded by sleeping pills, however, Netflix’s latest documentary refutes these claims. The upcoming documentary,  ‘The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes’ heard ambulance company owner, Walter Schaefer that she wasn’t found dead at home.

His former driver, Ken Hunter was left at Monroe’s house on the night of her death. Walter revealed that she was comatose but alive. Hunter, the driver, picked her up to transfer her to an emergency room in Santa Monica, as per reports.

Monroe’s last psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, as per writer John Sherlock, had told him years after her death that she was alive. He was told that she died en route years later. In the documentary, you can hear them saying, “She died in the ambulance. Then they took her back to the house. He told me he was in the ambulance.”

The narrator of the documentary claimed that what he learned changed what everybody thought they knew about her mysterious death. Few circumstances of her death were covered up but it is unknown why.

Marilyn Monroe’s death has been a favorite among conspiracy theorists as well as people who loved her. It was speculated that it might be intentional suicide or a politically charged homicide. There have always been rumors about her death even after the official cause was ruled out as a barbiturate overdose.

The author of one of the books on her, Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, revealed that as per the tapes he got, the evidence suggests it was covered up because of her connection with the Kennedy brothers.

‘We’ve got to stop all this. We can’t deal with Marilyn Monroe anymore.'”

As per him, both Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy had stopped their affairs with her almost immediately in the summer of 1962. The author interviewed various federal operatives and as per them, intelligence agencies were scared Monroe was sharing government secrets.

She might have learned too much during her affair with the Kennedy brothers. The author says there is a strong chance that the Kennedys said, “‘S**t, she can make public that we’ve been discussing nuclear matters’ [and] thought, ‘We’ve got to stop all this. We can’t deal with Marilyn Monroe anymore.'”

The documentary’s description reads how Hollywood icon, Marilyn’s death gave rise to conspiracies always overshadowing her talent. It further read how they have pieced together her final weeks, days, and hours with unheard tapes of who knew her best. The documentary guarantees to give a new perspective on that fateful night.

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