UFC Champ Francis Ngannou Supports Jake Paul In Trash Talks About Dana White

Jake Paul has been active in the influencer boxing space for over an year now. The YouTuber-turned-Professional Boxer has also ignited feud with UFC President Dana White over fighter pay and healthcare concerns. While Dana White discredits Jake’s boxing achievements, the YouTuber finds refuge in blaming Dana White for not doing enough for his UFC fighters.

The feud between Jake and Dana reached to such a point that the YouTuber even released a full-fledged diss track trash talking about Dana White. The UFC Boss has tried to distance himself from the beef but Jake Paul just keeps going. And guess what? Jake even has the support of UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou now!

What Did Francis Say?

Francis was recently threatened by UFC to be sued after he engaged in talks with Jake Paul for a boxing match. The UFC fighter’s team also wanted to increase his pay bag and got involved in negotiations about a boxing fight with Jake Paul’s manager but it didn’t turn out well.

Now, Francis Ngannou has said “I follow all the stuff, I am aware of what’s happening, you know. Jake Paul has his own way of communicating, which is a little different. Maybe not the same way as I will communicate but in the meantime, I can’t blame him. I’m 100 percent with him for what he says.

“When he claimed for fighter healthcare, oh, I am 100 percent down with that. He claimed for a fighter pay increase, I’m 1000 percent down for that,” he added. “So, the fighters are not protected, fighters are all out there on their own and nobody looks up to them. They are putting their body on the line for something. At least give them healthcare. I’m 1000 percent down for that.”

Jake Paul On Francis Ngannou And Dana White

In the past, Jake Paul accused Dana White of disrespecting Francis Ngannou by not giving him the championship belt.

“Dana is too busy sending out lawsuit threats to his heavyweight champions minutes before they enter the cage to fight another man,” Jake said.

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