Tyron Woodley Wants His $500k Bonus Increased To $1m In Jake Paul Rematch

Tyron Woodley is set to face off Jake ‘The Problem Child’ Paul in their long anticipated rematch in Florida after three days. On December 18, Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley 2 goes ahead and this time the former UFC Welterweight champion looks to avenge his initial split-decision loss.

Tyron Woodley has warned Jake Paul of a knockout this time. And guess what? If Tyron Woodley manages to knock Jake Paul out, he would get a $500,000 bonus as per the fight contract. However, the $500k isn’t enough of a bonus for Tyron as he believes he has ‘f**king saved the card’.

‘We Need A New Bonus’

Tyron Woodley said that if it wasn’t for him, the fight on 18th December wouldn’t be happening as Tommy Fury dropped out of the fight on a very short notice and Tyron was pulled in for the rematch.

Jake Paul was initially set to face Tommy Fury but the British boxer backed off citing a broken rib and other medical concerns. This is when Tyron Woodley jumped in to save the card. Here is what Tyron said while talking about the $500k bonus that he has been promised if he knocks out YouTuber Jake Paul on 18th December:

“We need a new bonus. A ‘keeping the hope alive and the card alive’ bonus,” Woodley joked when discussing the $500k knockout bonus. “We need to add that, too.” [courtesy: ESPN]

“I think we should throw another $500k in there just because all these people would have wasted their time, their training camp, their coaches… Tommy Fury would have caused all of them not to fight,” he added. “The venue, the ticket sales, the refunds, the sponsors, yeah, let’s get another $500k. I saved the f**king card.”

YouTube’s First Boxing Trilogy

The former UFC Welterweight champion has also revealed Jake Paul’s plans to hold YouTube history’s first ever boxing trilogy.

Jake Paul will not hold a rematch if he wins but if Tyron defeats Jake on 18th December, we could very well wetness a third match between the two. Here is what Tyron Woodley said:

“I feel like I won the [first] fight,” he said. “But when I go back out there and beat his *ss and win this fight, win by knockout, then go on to a trilogy and do it again and leave no doubt. That’s the real leave no doubt… This is basically what I should have done the first time. The third time [there] will be no doubt.”

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