Tyron Woodley Reveals That Jake Paul Wants YouTube’s First Boxing Trilogy

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley are scheduled to go head to head on December 18. Earlier, Jake Paul was supposed to fight Tommy Fury on the 18th of December. However, after the British boxer dropped out citing medical concerns, Tyron Woodley took his place.

The long anticipated Tyron Woodley Vs Jake Paul rematch will take place in less than a week now. Ahead of their rematch, Jake Paul’s intentions of creating YpuTube Boxing’s first ever trilogy were revealed by Tyron Woodely.

Tyron Woodley, in talks with TMZSports, said that Jake and him would fight for the third time if Tyron wins in the rematch. This way, they will actually ‘leave no doubt’. The last time Jake and Tyron Woodley met in the ring, Tyron lost via split-decision.

‘Leave No Doubt’

Jake Paul will not hold a rematch if he wins but if Tyron defeats Jake on 18th December, we could very well wetness a third match between the two. Here is what Tyron Woodley said:

“I feel like I won the [first] fight,” he said. “But when I go back out there and beat his *ss and win this fight, win by knockout, then go on to a trilogy and do it again and leave no doubt. That’s the real leave no doubt… This is basically what I should have done the first time. The third time [there] will be no doubt.”

After being directly asked if a third fight clause has been added in the contract, Tyron Woodley said yes.

In talks with MMAFighting, Tyron Woodley addressed the fact that he would be paid $500,000 bonus if he can secure a knockout during his rematch against Jake Paul. He also said that he is the best when it comes to ‘rematches’.

“At the end of the day, you put a bag on your own head,” Woodley told MMAFighting, addressing Jake’s bonus. “You don’t put a bounty on your own fucking head and think I’m not going to take it,” he added, noting he’s “all about taking free money” if it’s on offer.

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