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Twitter Wants Mel Gibson Cancelled After Saluting Donald Trump

Mel Gibson is coming under fire yet again after a video of him saluting Donald Trump surfaced online. The viral TikTok clip shows the actor-director raising his hand in the gesture of a salute towards the former US President.

The actor was present at the UFC 264 in Las Vegas. When Donald Trump was making his way through the crowd, Mel stood up to welcome him with a military salute. The United States had voted Trump out in the 2020 presidential election after years of condemning his government for all the alleged controversies he was a part of and created.

Because of this Mel’s latest action did not go down well with the internet. The Lethal Weapon star has been entangled in a string of controversies himself. Gibson has been repeatedly accused of alleged anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, and domestic violence.

Throughout his career, Mel has received a lot of criticisms for his actions. But he is not the only one who is being called out. Even Addison Rae is being labelled as a Trump supporter after she got up from her seat to greet him at the same event.

Addison has previously responded to the rumours of being registered as a Republican voter. However, in a Nelk video, the influencer was seen approaching former President Donald Trump at the UFC 264 event on July 10.

The internet was not happy with this interaction with her as one user wrote, “how [are] you gonna deny this now”. Some users believed that Addison Rae’s enthusiasm was lost on the president as he did not pay her full attention.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think this was an innocent altercation or do you think this means they support Donald Trump? Tell us in the comments.

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