Twitter Reacts to Justin Timberlake ‘Beat Ya Feet’ Dance Moves

During the “SexyBack” era, Justin Timberlake was renowned for his slick dancing routines. Now that the former boy band hunk is a father of two and 41 years old, he’s kind of losing his edge. Nowhere was this more evident than at the Water music festival that took place over the weekend in Washington, D.C.

Twitter had nothing positive to say about J.T.’s actions. The former member of NSYNC was captured on tape attempting the Beat Ya Feet dance, a style of quick and intricate footwork with origins in Washington, D.C., that dates back more than 20 years. It didn’t help that he was dressed in the traditional khakis and button-down shirt of an old man.

Reactions On Twitter

The fans shamed Justin for this Beat Ya Feet dance move and didn’t hesitate to express their opinions on this. One of the folks posted, “Justin Timberlake said ‘DC beat your feet’ and proceeded to do the hokey pokey,”.

“America tried to ruin Janet Jackson for this man,” someone else shamed.

“Justin Timberlake’ dancing at #SITW is a cross between a black uncle at a cookout and Irish river dancing,” another user commented, adding further, “and no I won’t be explaining this any further”.

It’s inevitable that it might offend Timberlake or any of his stans.

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