Twitter Goes Crazy Over House of the Dragon Episode 4

Twitter Goes Crazy Over House of the Dragon Episode 4

The latest episode of House of the Dragon has premiered and we see a lot of tension brewing. In an epic battle last episode, Daemon killed the Crabfeeder and was made the King of the Narrow Sea.

The fourth and latest episode saw the reunion of brothers Viserys and Daemon. Ever since the episode aired, fans on Twitter have completely lost their minds. A user suggested that the fourth episode should have been named, ‘Rhaenyra’s Day Out’ instead of ‘King of the Narrow Sea’.

The name suggestion was in reference to Rhaenyra and Daemon wandering about in the episode. Fans of the show took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the episode. Be warned that most of this is revolving around Daemon and Rhaenyra’s intimate scene.

And of course, fans also shared memes around the episode. A user attached a photo of Ben Affleck looking fed up as they wrote how this would be Viserys after another week of having Rhaenyra as his daughter and Daemon as his brother. Another user suggested if Rhaenyra and Alicent marry each other, there would be no war.

One fan expressed how they are excited for Criston Cole’s character arc while another appreciated Daemon and Rhaenyra’s intimate scene. While a fan hilariously expressed that the latest episode will require them to find a sneaky link. The fan further questioned where was this writing when Game of Thrones season 8 aired.

A fan even dissected the very first scene of the episode and claimed how Rhaenyra wants Daemon. They added how she was holding the necklace he gave her as she met her suitors.

Fans Await Further Episodes of House of the Dragon

Daemon apologizes to his brother in this episode. One of the major highlights was Daemon and Rhaenyra’s intimate scene in a brothel. They almost make love there when Daemon leaves abruptly. This reaches the ears of King Viserys as he confronts his brother and he reveals that he wishes to marry her.

Viserys demands him to leave for Vale and decides to confront his daughter. He decides that she should marry Lord Corlys’ son. The writing of the series has been amazing so far as it has been a pleasure to watch the series and the characters.

Initial episodes of the prequel were a slow burn without much action, however, things escalated in the third episode. The battle of Daemon and the Crabfeeder was satisfying. It will be intriguing to see what is going to happen in the coming episodes as there are a ton of events to be unfolded.

Watch all four episodes of House of the Dragon on HBO Max. The fifth episode will air on September 18th.


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