Twitter Criticizes Logan Paul’s Latest Gameboy Art Project

Logan Paul is always the talk of the town. Be it his boxing skills, YouTube videos, or his obsession with pokemon cards, the elder Paul brother never fails to grab a portion of news headlines. But this time around, Logan Paul has made the classic gaming community upset with his latest art project.

Logan Paul, apart from being a content creator, boxer, and pokemon collector also takes special interest in art – both physical and digital. The influencer revealed the total amount of money he spent in 2021 on digital art [NFTs] and it’s a mind blowing number!

15 Gameboy Colors

He has also spent quite a good amount of money on physical art. One of them being ‘classic rare gameboys’. But guess what? Logan Paul decided to do some DIY artwork with the 15 gameboys that he had and Twitter isn’t very impressed with the end result.

Logan Paul took to his official Twitter handle to share the creativity that he applied to his 15 gameboys by coloring them and turning it into a tabletop.

Notable retro gamer and YouTuber Bob Wulff took to criticize the elder Paul brother for his DIY Project highlighting that Logan Paul ruined pieces of history and pointed out that a few of the Game Boys were limited/special editions.


The comments under the tweet slammed Paul for his decision. However, some others were also impressed by his unique artistic skills.

Everyone here who says “they probably didn’t work” obviously has never owned a gameboy or gameboy color since you can fucking play basketball with that thing and it’ll still be fine. Do y’all really NOT see these are all like pristine and don’t even have discoloration?”, one comment read.

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