Twitter Celebrates Spider-Man 2's 18th Anniversary As Nostalgia Takes Over

Twitter Celebrates Spider-Man 2’s 18th Anniversary As Nostalgia Takes Over

Believe it or not, Spider-Man 2 by Sam Raimi was released 18 years ago today. Do you feel as old as we do?

The movie was a blockbuster among critics as they appreciated the storyline, characterization, visuals, and performances. Spider-Man 2 was a sequel to its original, Spider-Man which premiered in 2002. Twitter is now celebrating the movie as they are flooded with nostalgia and tweet on the film’s 18th anniversary.

The comic book films were rated as one of the greatest by fans. Many of these fans expressed their feelings on Twitter as they look back on the iconic movie. They are calling it the greatest superhero movie of all time. Here are some of the tweets:

A fan said they have said it before and will repeat it again that Spider-Man 2 is the greatest Spider-Man movie. Another fan echoed the same and added how even 18 years later, nobody has been able to top this. They posted a scene from the iconic movie where Peter sees the notice of foreclosure at his Aunt May’s house and how she goes on to give him something for his birthday.

Yet another fan said it is their favorite comic book movie by far and the greatest moment in Spider-Man cinematic history was when everyone supports him from falling after saving them from a near-death situation. Other fans went on to wish a happy 18th anniversary to the movie.

Some users also mentioned their favorite memories attached to the movie. Spider-Man 2 was released on June 30, 2004. The movie received a lot of appreciation and it was directed by Sam Raimi. After the sequel, Sam Raimi released another sequel called Spider-Man 3. The movie was also a commercial success as it received mixed reviews.

Fast forward to 2022, where there was another Spider-Man featuring Andrew Garfield and currently Marvel’s Spider-Man featuring Tom Holland. This year was extremely exciting for fans as they got both their favorite Spider-Mans played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the latest Spider-Man: No Way Home installment alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

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