Twitch Streamers Go Outing And xQc Wins The Show With His Amazing IRL Sniping Skills

Felix xQc Lengyel is one of the biggest streamers on the planet. More recently, he went to hangout with his fellow Twitch streamers Hasan, Adept, and few more.

The streamers squad headed to shooting range for some IRL sniping experience as part of the S**tCamp IRL festivities.

xQc decided to get his hands on the sniper rifle while the rest of the members also took their positions with different firearms. Little did everyone know that xQc is going to be displaying precision of a war soldier at the shooting range.

Three Clean Shots

With the sniper rifle in his hand, xQc proceeded to fire some clean 10/10 shots and everyone was amazed at his shooting accuracy.

The streamer fired off three consecutive shots to begin with, and each of then hit the target perfectly. Not too sure about the distance between xQc and the target, we estimate that there was around a hundred feet distance between them and xQc smoked it.

Hasan’s Pistol Blunder

Streamer Hasan managed to pull of a blunder at one point as xQc was just steps away when Hasan fired towards the target with his pistol.

Unlike Felix’s sniper, the handgun Hasan was shooting was a semi-auto, which means the rounds automatically eject and shoot out the side. If one isn’t careful, these can injure you as they fly out pretty fast, and they’re very hot.

xQc recently embarrassed himself while trying to imitate the aiming accuracy of Valorant legend TenZ. You can read that story here.


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