Twitch Streamer RetroGaijin Gets His Third Ban On The Platform For The Most Bizarre Reason

Twitch streamer RetroGaijin has a stroke of badluck when he faced the third ban of his Twitch career. And the reason is certainly not amongst the most usual ones.

The ban on RetroGaijin’s channel was triggered because he accidentally showed a video of Master Chef host Gordon Ramsay’s buttock. The video was played on his live Twitch stream and it showed the nude of Gordon Ramsay.

Why Was He Banned?

Having more than 216k followers on the platform, RetroGaijin couldn’t get away with the community guideline violation and was immediately slapped with a ban, which marked the third ban of his Twitch career.

Retro was watching Hotel Hell on stream, another show hosted by Gordon Ramsay. In the video, the rear end of Gordon slightly got visible and this was enough of a reason for Twitch mods to issue a ban to Retro’s channel.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, the Twitch streamer reacted by saying:

“Womp womp,” he wrote over on Twitter. “Gordon Ramsey and his buttocks on his Hotel show. 1 day suspension. back soon!”

Mysterious Bans On Twitch

In the past, many streamers have been banned for ‘accidental’ nudity on their streams as well. Recently, popular rapper-cum-Twitch streamer Soulja Boy faced a mysterious ban on the platform.

The rapper said that he plans to sue Twitch for the mysterious ban on his channel. Taking to his official twitter handle, the rapper-cum-Twitch star wrote:

“I can’t believe Twitch can just ban you without any proof or explanation. This doesn’t feel right. I gotta sue these people,” he said in one tweet. “If y’all don’t give me my account back I’m taking y’all to court.”

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