Twitch Streamer Hanhuts’ Hair Gets Burnt In An Accident On Live Stream

Twitch streamers try their best to keep their audience entertained, engaged, and on-their toes. However, some days are always meant to bring bad luck and Hanhuts, a variety Twitch-streamer just had one of those days.

The streamer met with an unfortunate accident on her live Twitch stream when she got a little too close to the lit candles in her room and burnt a portion of her hair.

What Happened?

Hanhuts was doing a Christmas-themed stream which was going smooth until the fiery accident happened. The general chit-chat with the fans and Christmas preparations had set some pretty good vibes to the stream. And then, came the bad part.

She came closer to the camera to speak to her viewer. She began saying ‘So here I am’ and then the video was cut short as Hanhuts disappeared instantly from the frame. Her voice of help was being heard in the background as she tried to exhaust the fire that her hair had caught.

Mistakenly, the streamer had dipped her hair in the lit candles kept in the room. But right after five seconds, Hanhuts reappeared and said “Oh my God! Did you f**king see that?!”

‘My Hair Burned Off’

The streamer then showed off her burnt-off hair to her audience, “MY HAIR BURNED OFF! My f**king hair burned off!”

Luckily, not a lot of damage was done. Even though a portion of her locks was burnt off, the streamer was safe and well. She laughed off the incident and showed her bravery.

The stream was then continued as usual, without any further escalation happening in the succeeding hours.

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