Twitch Streamer Disguised Toast Explains Why Viewers Enjoy Watching Reaction Videos

Disguised Toast is one of the most popular and successful streamers on the planet. He has a massive followers base and his streams are always fun, entertaining, and binge-worthy.

After returning from a hiatus, Disguised Toast made it clear that he felt his fellow streamers lacked the risk-tasking ability in the ‘reaction videos’ universe. But why did Toast say so? This was because the streamer could only see others reacting on TV Shows or Masterchef videos without anything novel.

Reaction Videos And DMCA Bans

This is when Disguised Toast started a new trend to test the DMCA limits and began to stream/react on complete Naruto episodes on his Twitch stream. While his addition to ‘react meta’ was much liked by viewers, soon other streamers like xQc and Mizkif also jumped on the bandwagon.

To date, xQc has been banned about five times on Twitch and the fans have warned him that another ban is likely if he doesn’t stop watching TV Shows on his Twitch stream. However, the streamer explained why he will not be banned for such a reason.

What Did Toast Say?

Meanwhile, according to Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast, reaction content is highly successful because “it’s more fun watching anime with people.” He compared react videos with gaming where the audience enjoys watching someone else play a game and commentate about it. It’s the exact same thing with reaction videos, as per Toast.

“This whole thing started off as an experiment to see how far I can push this DMCA business,” he said. “It kinda turned into something I looked forward to which was kinda unexpected. It helped me understand why react content exists and why people enjoy it.”

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