Twitch Streamer Alinity To Launch Her Own NFT

Twitch streamer Alinity has jumped on to the NFT bandwagon. More and more social media influencers have begun to announce their own NFT projects and Alinity is just one amongst them.

Recently, another streamer Amouranth launched her exclusive NFT line called ‘OnlyPunk’ and it sold for over $120,000. This certainly seems to have ignited the passion for NFTs in Alinity as well. In one of her latest streams with quqco, the Twitch streamer mentions about launching her own NFT.

What Did Alinity Say?

“I might be doing one,” she said when quqco questioned her whether or not she would want an NFT. “I’m talking with some company, you know the company that Amouranth did the NFT? I’m talking to them.”

However, her colleague Quqco told that “there are some virtue signaling streamers that might try to put you down”. Did that have any impact over Alinity though? Certainly not.

She said that ‘there’s a certain amount of money to where I wouldn’t care anymore.”

Alinity, just like Amouranth, is also an OnlyFans model. She earns massive amount of money from OnlyFans and if her NFT launches, it’s just going to br a cherry on the top for her monthly pay.

OnlyFans Income

OnlyFans Alinity recently revealed that she was paid $50,000 for one single video. And guess what? Alinity says that this was the most gross video she has done for her fans.

What was this video about? Well, it was a long/elaborated burp video of Alinity. Sounds gross doesn’t it? But a fan asked for it and Alinity rose to the occasion.

She sold her video to 100 people, each of them paying $500 for it. However, we can assume that the fan who originally requested for the burp video might have paid even more for it.

Talking about NFTs, influencer Logan Paul also launched his own CryptoZoo NFT collection and was criticized for scamming people.

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