Twitch Streamer 39daph Angers BTS Army By Playing Games During Their Concert

BTS Army does not tolerate disrespect for their favorite band! It has been proved time and time again in the past when the fans of BTS did not hesitate to engage in an online feud with KSI over his album. YouTube PewDiePie calls the BTS Army as ‘the most insane fans on planet earth’.

With all this said and done, one must beware that disrespecting the cult KPOP band BTS will never sit well with the Army. Recently, Twitch Streamer 39daph did a mistake that angered the BTS fans! But what did she really do?

39daph Goes Viral

In the first BTS Concert after two years, the streamer was found playing a game [Cookie Run] on her mobile phone while the band was performing on stage. The video of 39daph not paying attention to BTS an dbeing busy with Cookie Run has went viral across social media. Have a look at it below:

Fans started bombarding 39daph with accusations that she disrespected BTS. Fans took to comments and explained why they were angry!

BTS Army Reactions

“Ppl who don’t get y some of us r mad is bc we’d do anything to be in that position,” one commented. “This was BTS’ first concert after two years and a very emotional and happy moment for them and their fans so to see someone take it for granted and disrespect them right in their face just hurts.”

 “It’s more about that she went & showed that she was disinterested which can be seen as a jab to bts.”

However, the streamer did make an apology via her official Twitter account.

“i know I upset some BTS fans with the video of me playing cookie run for 10 seconds on bad connection,” she said, before going on to crack a lighthearted joke. “Unfortunately I couldn’t play any longer than that but the VIP guest booth tickets were free! no money was wasted, it was all good.”

“Sorry they gave me the tickets and not you because you’re poor,” she said

What do you think about the whole story? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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