Twitch Star xQc Gifts A Wheelchair To Small Streamer ‘Anthemofthehead’

xQc is one of the biggest streamers on the Twitch platform. He is known for his energetic, fun, and enthusiastic streams. Recently, xQc asked his fans not to donate to him rather to some other small streamers.

In one of his latest streams, the Canadian Twitch streamer was discussing about the different streams of income on twitch. While earlier most money came from fans in the form of super chat, donations, subscribers, etc, it is no longer the case anymore.

xQc revealed that a big chunk of his income comes from ‘large corporations’ who use xQc’s Twitch channel for brand endorsement and brand deals.

What Did xQc Say?

And now, as Christmas is just around the corner, the streamer decided to give back to the community with some valuable gifts. Fellow streamer anthemofthedead had their dream come true when xQc gifted them a wheelchair enabling her overcome her life long disability.

She suffers from fibromyalgia and polyarthralgia and has immense pain in moving around due to it.

After xQc noticed the streamer, he gifted Anthem a “nice wheelchair” worth $500 on her Amazon wishlist, as well as a $300 ergonomic gaming chair to help her while she is streaming.

“I felt bad because that wheelchair looks like a nice wheelchair ⁠— the one that I bought ⁠— but the one I wanted to buy that didn’t ship, it looked like it would go [fast]. It looked f**king nuts. That sh*t looked wicked,” he laughed.

Anthem Reacts

The streamer anthemofthedead shared a video reacting to the gift she received from xQc and it has been going viral all over the internet.

“This makes up for everything horrible that’s happened all year. If it wasn’t for y’all I wouldn’t be here because it’s really difficult to deal with this,” she said in her reaction video.

“I’ve been watching xQc for about two years and that was the most wholesome moment ever. I’m glad this happened to me and I hope he can help out more people in the community ⁠— I’m just shocked.”

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