Turkish Drama Ertuğrul Star Esra Bilgic’s Patience Tested –  Criticism Over Her Modern Dressing News

Turkish Drama Ertuğrul Star Esra Bilgic’s Patience Tested – Criticism Over Her Modern Dressing

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Time icon September 2, 2020

Desi trolls have become worse human beings in solitude, particularly, for celebrities and famous personalities. Pakistani trolls are as lethal as any other troll found in any corner of the world. Their moral policing on the most talented Turkish actors and actresses such as Esra Bilgic is a classic example.

In the past the Turkish star turned off her comments on her Instagram account, but lately the pakistani community has been testeing hert pateince to the limites.

Esra Bilgic‘s recent Instagram post has some absurd comments regarding her bold dressing sense to which she replied in a very drastic sense and a very effective way.

Esra Bilgic Comment

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Esra Bilgic Turned Off Comments!


Esra Bilgic Getting Wise And Smart! Remembering her past experience, she turned off the comment section beforehand to avoid vitriol and distasteful moral policing from fans.

Pakistani fans of Dirilis Ertugrul started moral policing Turkish actors Esra Bilgic (Halime Sultan) and Engin Altan Duzyatan (Ertugrul) on Instagram for following western culture in real life.

Pakistani fans- inspired by the exquisite representation of Muslim characters played by these actors on screen- rushed to their social media accounts. But the western lifestyle of Turkish actor disappointed Pakistani fans.

Esra Bilgic Chased By Pakistani Moral Police:

Pakistani fans swarmed the Instagram accounts of Esra Bilgic with rude and unpleasant comments. They blasted her for not emulating the traditional Halime Sultan in real life. They commented she played the role of a noble and modest woman in the serial.

Then she should emulate that character in real life too. Some asked the Turkish government to take action against Esra Bilgic for disrespecting the ‘Halime Sultan’.

Perhaps, fans expected Esra Bilgic to be living the same traditional life she played in Dirilis Ertgurul. The disgruntled fans went on to say that they have started hating her after seeing her pictures.

However, not only Esra Bilgic but Pakistani social media users even bashed Engin Altan Duzyatan for leading a life opposite to what he played on screen as Ertugrul. A Pakistani fan schooled Engin Altan Duzyatan for keeping pet dogs in the home.

Esra Bilgic‘s Most Trolled Instagram Posts


These are some of the posts on her Instagram account to which she was preached for wearing bold clothes. Pakistan fans are so possessive for her and they feel like she will be going the way as per their wish.

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