Trisha Paytas Accuses Austin McBroom Over Cheating Allegations News

Trisha Paytas Accuses Austin McBroom Over Cheating Allegations

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Time icon August 12, 2021

Trisha Paytas’ second episode of the Enemies podcast took shots at Austin McBroom and Catherine McBroom’s relationship.

They shared their thoughts and stated that Austin is “clearly cheating”. The YouTuber said there are fifteen stories that are similar that have receipts which means it is true. They said, “You know, honestly? My thought is this, he’s clearly cheating. If there’s fifteen stories that are very similar that have some sort of receipts, chances are, you know, it walks like a duck, talks like a duck. It’s a duck. You know it’s a duck. So it’s clear that he’s cheating, right? There’s some messing around or maybe, who knows, maybe they have an open relationship. Maybe she doesn’t care for the business, I don’t know.”

This comes after Tana Mongeau also accused Austin of cheating on his wife. The influencer had taken to Twitter to claim that the ACE family patriarch was cheating with a random girl. She also claimed that on the day of the Social Gloves boxing event, he called Jake Paul. The YouTuber claimed that Austin was crying and Catherine was yelling asking if it was Tana’s lipstick.

Austin had responded to the tweet and stated it is a false narrative. The ACE Family patriarch claimed that it was Erika Costell’s lipliner that was misplaced when she and Jake were going back to Jake’s house.

However, Tana is not the only one accusing the influencer of cheating. A TikTok star, Monica Bush shared a series of videos where she talked to the YouTuber before meeting him and he allegedly made a move on her. The TikTok star claimed that Austin told her that he and Catherine were together for publicity and were not a real couple.

Austin Called Tana A “Clout Chaser”

Catherine then shared a video on Snapchat as she addressed the cheating scandal. She said that every time there is a big milestone, where a lot of attention is directed towards them, a lot of people start directing the attention to themselves. The 1212 Gateway founder added,

“Every time there’s a big milestone, or a big event or something, or a lot of attention directed towards us, a lot of people start directing the attention to themselves. I think that is 100 percent stressful because it gives me anxiety, and what can I say? It makes me nervous. I stay off my phone, and I stay off social media.”

Although the influencer claimed that those rumours were untrue, fans who saw the video claimed that she looked “defeated”. A user commented that it is stuck in a pattern and she accepted the negative to protect what they have.

Austin had also addressed the cheating allegations and called out Tana who made most of the claims. He described her as a “clout chaser” for bringing up the accusations immediately after the success of the Social Gloves event. Both Catherine and Austin are yet to address or respond to Trisha Paytas’ claims.

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