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Triple H Discusses Wrestler Safety In Approaching WWE WarGames Matches 

The Chief Content Officer of WWE, Paul Levesque, announced this week that WarGames will become a part of Survivor Series this November, represents the first time this match concept has been used at a WWE event. The veteran WCW staple was revived in 2017 in NXT, with so many matches occurring in this format since then. WarGames includes a huge cage encircling two side-by-side rings.

Throughout the bout, two teams of four or five wrestlers alternate entry into the structure to do battle. After revealing WarGames, Triple H discussed the possibility that we’ll see blood this time in what has traditionally been quite a crimson affair. I do not even think it’s feasible, said Levesque. If we have skill that gets cut open, you’ll usually see them roll out and get checked to make sure there was nothing risky.

Provided the state of the world and the disease outbreak, I’m just of the view that, at the finish of the day. What we are doing is risky enough without purposely making it more dangerous. Once you have guys and women doing at the top levels, I believe like I devote more time talking people out of stuff than I do normally, according to Triple H. I have the impression that there is always risk-to-reward ratio.

He went on, Is it so massive that people would walk aside from this with that eyesight imprinted in their imaginations and never forget it? So if you’re risking your health and career longevity over that spot, over that instant, it has to be worth it. Since the match was reintroduced, we’ve seen several jaw-dropping moments. Most notably Tomasso Ciampa launching opponent Adam Cole through a set of tables with a hideous Air Raid Crash from above the cage.

Paul Triple H Levesque admitted that his wrestling days are over

In an interview, Paul Triple H Levesque admitted that his wrestling days are over due to the defibrillator in his chest. But he revealed that an idea to have him as an active figure in WrestleMania 38 was raised back in April. He recalled, I was going to do something with Gable Stevenson and try to get him launched and going. I was like, Okay, when they told me.

He also revealed that Vince McMahon approached him about being a part of WrestleMania, telling him, I need the attraction, you can do what you desire. However, Levesque’s wife, Stephanie McMahon, has been less enthusiastic about his involvement in WrestleMania 38, and plans to have him in front of the viewer with Stevenson never progressed beyond the concept stage. Nevertheless, Levesque was upbeat about no longer being in the spotlight.


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