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Trevor Noah Calls Out Cops for Attacking Protestors

Police brutality has once again become a hot topic of debate after the death of George Floyd in the U.S. Several notable personalities have spoken about the instances of police violence against protestors in various states of the country.

The latest being, Trevor Noah.

In a stirring, hour-long return to The Daily Show, Trevor Noah detailed numerous instances of police brutality. In just two weeks, since protests against police violence and racism erupted nationwide.

The 36-year-old, stand-up comedian, began his show by pointing out that a lot of people have been comparing the recent protests to the “civil rights movement.”


News coverage followed of cops across the country using military-style tactics to fight off protesters.

The host further explains that police have not been able to tackle the situation properly. They have dealt with calls of ending the police brutality with even more police brutality.

Police Brutality

Noah explained that the cops are using heavy-duty equipment which is to fight off terrorists, on protesters. “They’re using it against Americans that are exercising their right to protest,” he said.

While some people have defended cops for going after only violent protesters, Noah noted that “the police’s story never matches the actual footage.”

Over the past week, a number of people have uploaded videos of cops “attacking protesters with no provocation whatsoever.”

“This is supposed to be the country where you have the freedom to say whatever you want,” Noah continued.

“With all these protests sweeping across America, people have been comparing this moment to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s,” Noah said in his first broadcast since last month.

Later on the show, Noah explains how in shock he was, to know that the police officers are using excruciating equipment on protestors. The equpments that are actually used to fight off terrorists. He also shared that the videos were really disturbing to watch because Americans are just expressing disappointment over the death of Floyd. They are using their “right to protest.”

“Just take a moment to think about that. The police department got this heavy-duty equipment to fight terrorists, that is why they got these equipment post 9/11. And now, they are using it against the Americans who are just exercising their right to protest,” Noah said.

Incident in Buffalo

Noah then talking about an incident that took place in Buffalo, mentioned how a police officer was seen pushing a 75-year-old man on the sidewalk. The man fell so hard on the ground that blood was coming out of his head. Surprisingly no officer went up to check on him and just walked past the injured man.

“I don’t care who you are. Those images have to be upsetting to watch. Because these images are the antitheses of what America is supposed to stand for,” said Noah.

After the video of the incident went viral on social media, two officers were suspended without pay. Meanwhile, 57 officers offered their resignations to stand in solidarity with the suspended cops.

Which brought him to his observation that police officers are behaving more like criminal gangs. Noah noted that Buffalo PD first lied outright about what happened to the man. Only to admit the truth when video proof went viral on social media. Protest, Noah said, not of unprovoked assaults on law-abiding citizens. But on an attempt to hold people who commit such violence accountable.

Noah also tackled the issue of the police shooting rubber bullets on the journalists. Journalists who were present to just cover the protests.

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He concluded, “If good police are willing to look the other way or even join in when the bad police abuse their powers, you can make new rules and regulations all you want but if it won’t matter.”

Noah continued, “America’s not going to be able to fix this problem until we have police whose first priority is protecting and serving the people instead of protecting and serving themselves.”

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