Travis Scott’s first virtual concert on Fortnite was a spectacular affair! News

Travis Scott’s first virtual concert on Fortnite was a spectacular affair!

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Time icon April 24, 2020

For the last couple of days, Epic games, developer of popular online game Fortnite have been setting up the stage for yet another massive live event and recently it was revealed that it was a live concert in collaboration with singer-rapper Travis Scott.

The first leg of the live event took place and it was a sight to behold for everyone in attendance, the whole map transformed into a set for Travis and although the concert was shorter in duration lasting about fifteen minutes, what makes this event bigger than any other before is the fact instead of being a one off concert, this time Travis Scott is setting screens on fire with his a virtual music tour lasting a couple of days.

The particular was a visual treat to say the least, changing with every track. From being fiery to switching into a ‘Tron’ themed arena, the concert had it all.

Needless to say this Travis Scott’s Astroworld tour is bigger than any other live events in the past and not to worry if you couldn’t catch the first leg of the concert, there are more so get set to check out your favourite rapper in action!

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