Travis And Kylie Purchase Multi-Million Dollar Houses Each Amidst Pandemic, Experts say “Great deal”

The COVID-19 pandemic being not the right time to purchase houses for celebrities but that is what Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner did by purchasing 2 stunning houses at different but amazing locations.

Both in their 20’s, Travis and Kylie, bought one a Holmby Hills Estate for 36.5 million dollars and another one a Brentwood hilltop home for 23.5 million dollars. Both of these are located west of Los Angeles

Travis Scott’s new home has seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, three floors, and a 20-car auto gallery for the rapper’s collection of luxury wheels.
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Kylie flaunts at a glance her house having seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 20 parking spaces, a pool and basketball court.

‘Record low-interest rates’ and more unique changes are happening within the luxury house market.

Experts say both of them got the houses with cash payment, Kylie’s house was first listed for $55million and she bought it for $36.5 million, On the other hand, Travis’s pad was started for $42million and he purchased it for 23.5 million dollars. An amazing lowering of $18.5 million for both of them.

They(Experts) also say that both have bought it as to increase their way of living also as a kind of investment.

Since when you also have the cash to use in your investing, you can also create an opportunity of negotiating. It’s all about the quality of life you are committed to.

In the end, someone can save about 10-15 percent of the money on the luxury houses in the USA, of which Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner took perfect advantage of.


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