Trainwrecks Lost $12.9 Million Throughout 2021 During Gambling Streams

Trainwrecks is by far one of the most generous Twitch streamers and he has proved it yet again by doing something unimaginable. Trainwrecks has been in the news for various reasons, be it his donation of one bitcoin (worth $64,000 at the time of donation) to fellow Twitch streamer StableRonaldo’s mother or his $1 million giveaway to fans.

He is by far one of the most generous Twitch streamers. Recently, Trainwrecks also revealed the amount of money he has given away in 2021.

The streamer has donated $20,000 to COD gamer Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter as a late wedding gift in the past. He also showed his generosity towards streamer Buddha after the death of his mother.

All of that said an done, the streamer also lost huge sums of money due to his gambling streams.

What Did Trainwrecks Say?

In the latest Twitch streamer, Trainwrecks opened up about his massive losses that he had raked in due to his gambling errors.

“Close to even? I’m still down 12.9 million dollars,” said Train. “That’s not close to even. That’s not even in the neighborhood of even.” However, the losses which he ended the year with were even higher in the first ten months of 2021. The $12.9 million loss figure comes only after he managed to bring it down from a higher number.

“In nine months, I’ve lost $22.9 million. It was really f**king disgusting and bad. You don’t even understand. Like, all my friends knew, but I didn’t feel comfortable saying anything because those numbers are unfathomable.”

“With how much I have wagered, I’m expected to be down $12 million. That should show you the reality of gambling, right? If, with my wagered, the expected down is $12 million, that should show you. Like, that’s the statistics of it.”

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