Top 5 Netflix Shows Releasing In December 2022

Top 5 Netflix Shows Releasing In December 2022

Netflix has become the top streaming platform that releases quality films as well as TV shows. As all networks are gearing up for the mid-season break, Netflix has been occupied with the release of many series.

November and December have proven to be one of the best times to get great releases as it marks the end of the year. Holidays are also a perfect time to binge-watch and Netflix seems to be providing the type of content needed.

There are many shows that will be released on the platform this December including Smiley (season 1), Too Hot To Handle (season 4), The Elephant Whisperers (2022), CAT (season 1), Dragon Age: Absolution (season 1), Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (2022), etc and many more.

Because of the many releases, it might get confusing for the viewers to decide what to watch and what not to. In order to help you with your holiday binge-watch, here are 5 of our favorite shows that will be available on Netflix next month.

1. Firefly Lane (Season 2) -December 2

The adaptation of Firefly Lane is all set to conclude its second season next month. The lead actors of the show include Grey’s Anatomy fame, Katherine Heigl, and The Scrubs’ Sarah Chalke. As per the synopsis, the show focuses on the thirty-year friendship of Tully and Kate. Both characters have some challenging things they have to face. This leads to a quest that Tully has to go through.

2. Hot Skull- December 2

One of the most anticipated shows that Netflix is bringing in next month includes the Turkish sci-fi series, which is based on the book by Afşin Kum. The synopsis of the show tells us how the series is set in an epidemic of madness that spreads through language and speech.

Interestingly, a refuge at his mother’s home, Murat Siyavus, is the only one who is unaffected by this disease. He is being hunted by the Anti-Epidemic Institution and is forced to leave the safe zone and run away. Murat finds himself on the streets of Istanbul where he looks for the secret of his “Hot Skull”, which is a lasting mark of the disease.

3. Sonic Prime (Season 1) – December 15

As the name suggests, this series revolves around Sonic, the Hedgehog. Netflix will see the release of the show in the middle of the month. The animated series features Deven Mack, Ashleigh Ball, Shannon Chan-Kent, Brian Drummond, Vincent Tong, Ian Hanlin, Kazumi Evans, and Adam Nurada, lending their voices.

As per the synopsis, the fate of the new multiverse relies on our hero, Sonic, the Hedgehog.

4. The Witcher: Blood Origin – December 25

Coming on to perfect Christmas vibes, Netflix is giving us a prequel of the acclaimed series, The Witcher. The show will be set up as the origin of the main show. Actors like Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown, Jacob Collins-Levy, and Laurence O’Fuarain, will be featured on the show.

As per the synopsis, the show is set a thousand years before the world of “The Witcher”. Seven elves have to unite in a mission to fight against an unstoppable power.

5. Emily In Paris (Season 3) – December 21

Another season of the popular show will be back on time for Christmas. The show has already garnered a huge fanbase as it expands into a new season.


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