Tony Khan

Tony Khan Explains AEW’ Link To The Game Of Thrones Prequel 

The Warner Bros. Discovery merger is causing havoc on the preplanned TV world, but the management change appears to be working in All Elite Wrestling’s favour. In conjunction with Discovery’s annual event of all things shark, AEW recently aired two weeks of Shark Week-themed Dynamite episodes. The tie-in was the latest in a series of IP integrations carried out by AEW during its brief existence.

The promotion also includes a yearly Winter Is Coming event, which is linked to Warner Bros. Game of Thrones property. AEW President Tony Khan has been vocal about his admiration for WBD executives, describing a recent meeting with executives as the most fulfilling meeting of my life, sparking speculation about how AEW will fare when their agreement with WBD is renegotiated. WBD has the option to extend AEW’s contract for an additional year, with 2023 and 2024 crucial years for the wrestling promotion’s future with the multimedia conglomerate.

Shark Week

As per a recent interview, Khan and AEW are planning to incorporate a highly regarded IP into the programme as part of a new collaboration. Since the Shark Week integration was such a success, Khan said, we’re working on another massive partnership that I’m very excited about. I believe it is because we have demonstrated that we can do a good job with integrations, be easy, fun, and collaborative, and have a good audience that we are good partners.

Khan went on to explain that AEW was recently covered at San Diego Comic-Con thanks to WBD PR, who he praised for their assistance. Khan expressed his excitement about the integration challenges. Khan eventually discovered in a tweet that Game of Thrones was one of the IPs mentioned. Particularly, the forthcoming House of the Dragon series, which occurs 300 years before Game of Thrones events. It will premiere on HBO on August 21. House of The Dragon will host the August 17 episode of AEW Dynamite.

Tony Khan reflected on his initial push to establish AEW

Tony Khan, President of AEW, reflected on his initial push to establish AEW. He admitted that it caused him and his father to have a tense family Christmas. Tony’s father initially questioned AEW, but he has since admitted that he was mistaken. He explained, I happened to be someone who loved the wrestling business but had worked in sports. And I was very privileged that my father came over from Pakistan while he was 16 to attend the University of Illinois.

So this is where he met my mother, and I was brought up in Illinois. He opened a company that was successful, but he arrived here with nothing. But he’s the big success, the reason why everything happened. We had a very bad Christmas in 2018, he said. Even I told Jericho and others that we were going to do this.

WCW’s demise

I had a lot of folks verbally prepared to go, and a lot of agreements were due to end at the beginning of 2019. I had a business strategy prepared, that is now AEW. It’s not going to work, we’re going to lose millions, and you have no assurance.
I didn’t have a TV deal for it at the time, so it was a huge risk. He has gone on the record and in Forbes to admit that he was totally wrong.

Tony Khan then highlighted out that since WCW’s demise, there has been no promotion like it. He started to feel like Impact and ROH arose from WCW and ECW, but they eventually end up lasting longer. He claimed that nothing had felt that way since WCW’s demise. They had it even at the end of WCW. Nobody believed that could ever happen until they actually pulled the plug. It was unthinkable at the time. Since then, there has been Impact, which is fantastic, but this is the zombie WCW.


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